Zana Fabjan Blažič has been active in the field of support and solidarity for refugees since 2015. Within the framework of the Ambasada Rog collective, she has been offering them the legal, emotional, political, and other support necessary for survival in recent years. Together with the mentioned collective, Zana has crucially contributed to making Ambasada Rog a safe place, outside racism and market relations. It was a space of socialising, freedom, mutual care, legal support, joint preparation of lunches, and common adventures, as well as a space for planning strategies of freeing people from the claws of the centre for foreigners and deportation. She was present at Ambasada Rog every day from its beginnings to the recent eviction. She has collaborated with individuals in their preparation for interviews in the international protection procedure, supported them in preparation for legal processes upon complaints about denied international protection, cooked lunches, and organised numerous community events. Zana is a tireless fighter for a world without borders, racism, and incarceration of people. Her experience in avoiding state violence is too vast to record fully. Even though Rog was torn down, its premises taken away and their hearts broken, they did not stop Zana’s anti-racist work. She continues to establish relationships with people who are detained in the centre for foreigners and seeks ways to expose this despicable, violent institution. This includes her constant readiness to search for ways along which people could be led to freedom. Zana fights against racism and capitalism both on the structural level and in everyday interpersonal relations.