For the last 20 years, Aigul Hakimova has been recognising the potential of emancipatory liberation movements and is simultaneously their driving force. She primarily participates in those which unite people from the margins of the society: the erased, unemployed, migrant workers, asylum seekers, and refugees. She is a tireless fighter against the closing of Trdnjava Evropa, participates in numerous movements and initiatives, including in Dost Je!, Svet za vsakogar, Nevidni delavci sveta, Protirasistična fronta brez meja, Socialni center ROG, Info Kolpa, Second Home in Exile, and Gmajna. Without her engagement, the issue of exploitation of migrant workers in Slovenia would never have attracted as many young generations of activists and votes of support from the wider public. She has also brought attention to this issue by participating in a documentary entitled V deželi medvedov (2012) about the unbearable position of migrant workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, together with her fellow activists, she also put together in the today unfortunately torn down Rog factory.

Recently, Aigul has been working on organising the migrant community, especially community premises, which offer refugees the feeling of equality and inclusion. She collaborates with incentives on the Balkan Route, reports on the events happening at borders, especially the push-backs (another systematic violation of human rights), and informs the wider public about the meaning of migrations. At the same time, she constantly re-examines the established patriarchal social patterns and norms and fights against capitalism.